2024 Tag Questions

Dave's Tag Jan 6, 2024 1. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced? 2. If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  3. Suppose you could bring life to any fictional character. Now, which one would you choose?  4. Imagine you won the lottery of a million dollars. What would you do after winning the lottery? 5. Do you think in the name of success we trade lives for money? 6. Who is the famous person you would like to meet in person? 7. Imagine that the whole world is listening to you for a minute. What would you like to tell? Dave's Tag Jan 13, 2024 1. What is the place where you wouldn’t mind waiting for a long time or being alone? 2. Have you ever been utterly disappointed by a place you visited?  3. What is your most prized possession? 4. If you were the head of a conspiracy theory club, what would it be? 5. If you were an ice cream, which flavor would you be?  6. What is the creepiest children’s movie, TV show or book you have

30 Days of Tags (5Q Each)

Day 1 1. If someone you were trying to impress was coming over to your home for dinner, what would you make for them? 2. What is your best skill/talent? 3. What is your favorite brand? 4. What are three smartphone apps that you can't live without? 5. What technology or business do you think will be obsolete within the next 10 years? Day 2 1. If you could invent a holiday, what would it be? 2. Do you prefer to eat at home or eat out? 3. What's your least favorite thing about going on vacation? 4. What is the worst injury you've had? 5. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your week? Day3 1. Are you more of a spontaneous or structured person? 2. Describe your dream house to me. 3. What food do you like to snack on? 4. Do you prefer to receive money or an actual gift? 5. What qualities do you value most in a friend? Day 4 1. What's the best thing to do on a hot summer day? 2. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks? 3. Do you prefer to relax in your free time or

116 Very Personal Questions

 1. Have you ever slept naked?  2. What's your bra size, or dick length?  3. Where was or would you want your first time to be and why?  4. Have you ever shown anyone your body parts and asked for advice?  5. Have you ever seen any of your relatives naked?  6. Do you prefer doing it in the dark or in the light?  7. What's your greatest fantasy?  8. Would you suck on anyone's toes?  9. Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex?  10. Would you have sex there?  11. What and who turns you on?  12. What celebrity would you have sex with?  13. Who's the sexiest male you know?  14. Who's the sexiest female you know?  15. How many people would you have sex with at once?  16. Have you ever put on a strip show?  17. Have you ever seen a strip show?  18. Have you ever seen any of your friends naked? 19. Have you ever had a fantasy about a teacher?  20. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?  21. If you could be a spice what would it be?  22. Have you ever worn you

Doctor Who Tag

1. Who's your two favorite Doctors - original series and new series? Jon Pertwee and David Tennant 2. What’s your favorite Doctor Who story or episode? Vincent And The Doctor, Season 5, Episode 10 of the new series 3. Who’s your favorite companion? Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper 4. What was the first Doctor Who story/episode you ever watched? Planet of Evil - original series, Season 13 episode 2 5. What’s your favorite series or era? New series season 14 6. What is your favorite pre or post regeneration story? The War Doctor from The Day Of The Doctor 7. What is your favorite TARDIS control room? The Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS 8. What’s your favorite villain or monster? The Ood Questions only: 1.  Who's your two favorite Doctors - original series and new series? 2. What’s your favorite Doctor Who story or episode? 3. Who’s your favorite companion? 4. What was the first Doctor Who story/episode you ever watched? 5. What’s your favorite series or era? 6. What is your favori


Dave's Tag January 1, 2022 1 Where were you 3 hours ago? 2 Who are you in love with? 3 Have you ever eaten a crayon? 4 Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? 5 When was the last time you went to the mall? 6 Are you wearing socks right now? 7 Does your family have a car worth over $2,000? 8 When was the last time you drove out of town? 9 Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? 10 Are you hot? =------------------------------= Dave's Tag January 8, 2022 1 What was the last thing you had to drink? 2 What are you wearing right now? 3 Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? 4 Last food that you ate? 5 Where were you last week at this time? 6 Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? 7 When is the last time you ran? 8 What's the last sporting event you watched? 9 What is your favorite animal? 10 Your dream vacation? =------------------------------= Dave's Tag January 15, 2022 1 Last person's house you were in? 2 Worst injury you've eve